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ENVY Volleyball is a Junior Olympic club dedicated to coaching girls in the Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts area.  Our primary focus is to create a family atmosphere dedicated to player and personal growth while offering a well coached, reliable, and competitive juniors volleyball club atmosphere.


As in past years, ENVY has a week-long break scheduled during the week between Christmas and New Year's. As many of our families travel, practices in the past were often short-handed or not as productive as hoped. In response to this, we decided to continue this short break again this year to allow time for players and families to enjoy the holiday season. Practices will break on December 23rd and resume January 2nd.

Happy Holidays from ENVY.

How To Read Schedule

Parents and Players; We use the Google Calendar to post practices. Please check the schedule before practices to confirm time and location. 

The Google Calendar will look like this:

8:00pm JRC1-16 Wildfire

(Please pay attention to times and location. The number after the location is the court, the age and team will be listed last)

The current practice facilities; Directions are located under the "locations" tab.


IF you check our site frequently, Google may think you are a bot and use Captcha as a deterrent. IF the calendar is not loading, use the direct link above.

15's Cleaning up at the AAU Championship!! GOLD AND SILVER MEDALS

ENVY Volleyball

  • Did you know that Nyah Young (L) and Emily Laventure (R) were selected to the 2019 NERVA High Performance team? They represented ENVY and the NERVA region last summer in the US National Championships!

Parents and Players, 

As we begin this year's club season, please take time to read through our handbook. It is full of useful information including expectations for coaches, players, and families. 




USE the link to bring you to the AUU membership application. THE CLUB TEAM CODE FOR ENVY IS: W383B4



What age groups can participate? 
ENVY has players as young as 10 and up to 18 years old playing on an ENVY team.  As our club grows, we are looking to expand teams . ENVY currently fields multiple teams in the  14's,15's, 16's, 17's, & 18's club and Open level age groups.  We adjust our teams yearly based upon need and often have players playing up a level.

What is the cost?
ENVY players' tuition for the 2023-24 season will be based on team placement.  The tuition ranges from $2100 club-$2400 open.  For returning players, we realize that this year's tuition is more than last year. Unfortunately, inflation affects us all. Envy's costs continue to increase and we've barely increased tuition since covid. We have increased this year's rate in order to retain our high quality staff, facilities, and continue offering multiple tournament opportunities for our players. Even with the increase we are one of the most affordable club options in the area.

How do I pay/ Payment plans?
ENVY is one of the few clubs that have a payment plan and do not make families pay the entire tuition upfront.  1/2 payment is due at acceptance of the player's team, then 2 additional scheduled payments during the season are collected by the Sportsengine system.  ENVY does use an online payment system for convenience.

What does the tuition include?
Tuition in 2023-24 includes coaches pay, gym rental feestournament entry fees,  practices, 2 uniform jerseys, backpack, player gear.  Unlike many other clubs, you don't have to pay extra for these things.  Everything is included in the yearly tuition.

How many times do you practice a week?
Most ENVY teams generally practice 2 days a week at one of our practice locations.  Most of Envy's team practices take place at the Johnston indoor Recreation. Other practices will tentatively be held at Classical HS, and Mt. St. Charles Academy, Martin MS(east Prov).  Generally, scheduled practices are not set until the new year as we have to work through multiple holidays. Once January comes around, practices are pretty set until the end of the season. 

Where are the tournaments held?

Tournaments are generally held within one hours drive from Providence. Each year's tournament schedule is very similar to the previous year. Common venues include Providence Convention Center, Mohegan Sun Arena, Boston Convention Center. 

Hotels necessary?

Envy generally only participates in events where hotels are not required for teams. This allows parents the opportunity to book a hotel if wanted, but also allows them to drive daily to the tournament if preferred. Envy does not book hotels or retain rooms for events. We've found that parents who plan ahead can get fantastic deals and more choices through popular internet sites and apps.

Envy finished the season with another great showing at  the USA Volleyball Smack NorthEast Championship tournament! 

Envy had multiple teams win medals and as well as having multiple teams battle in the Gold medal brackets. Envy 15 Flood finished 5th overall and 18 Cyclone finished 4th overall this weekend. 17 Tsunami finished 5th overall and won the silver bracket by one point literally,  and took home medals! 16 Wildfire finished the weekend on a positive note too and won the Bronze medal!

Congratulations to all the Envy teams for a hard fought weekend. We have seen tremendous growth on all of our teams this season!!  

Both 15's Open Teams Bring Home Medals as the AAU Championship season comes to an end.!!

  • 15 Flood won the club division completing the 5 week series as the #1 Team!!
  • 15 Tidal Wave won the Silver Bracket and took home medals of their own!

 16's Hurricane Open Team finishes with a Silver Medal!!

15 Flood Silver Medals!!!


Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors,

We need your help. Knowing I am Ukrainian American and a lifelong, active member in our Ukrainian American community in Boston and beyond, many of you have reached out and asked how to help Ukraine during this humanitarian crisis- thank you.  With some initial funds and donations from family and friends, I will be traveling to Poland tomorrow with my dear friend, Ulana Nosal and our very own Ukrainian American Youth Association of Boston to offer support. Ulana, Ukrainian born, has family fleeing Ukraine as well as family and loved ones fighting and working to help the resistance.

With a network of personal and family contacts working in Ukraine and Poland, we have an opportunity to provide immediate assistance. We will be providing support to refugees to obtain housing, transportation and food. Additionally, we will also be delivering much needed medical supplies collected by Sunflower of Peace, Boston.

As you can imagine, this is a humanitarian mission which requires an immense amount of coordination and support and we are asking for your help.  We can only carry so much, so once in Poland, we will be purchasing diapers, baby formula and women’s personal hygiene items for refugees. If you or your organization would like to donate to provide short term, safe housing for refugees, food or supplies for babies and women you can Venmo me and if you’d like to make a sizable donation and require a receipt for taxes, please reach out to me personally and I will direct you.

We would like to thank the family, friends, strangers and small groups who have already donated monetarily as well as supplies which went to Sunflowers of Peace. This is a humanitarian crisis and Ukrainians need help now. It gets worse by the day and we will continue to provide assistance for as long as we can.




Terry (Coach of Envy 14 Sandstorm)

ENVY Volleyball Club email:

Phone: 401-996-1233; 401-996-6161